Nathan Kress’ ALS Ice Bucket Challege

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"She got her hair, eyes and magic from me. The sass, the stubbornness and the determination from both of us. But her good heart, her kindness and that need to help everyone from you."

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Luke Bilyk #Ice Bucket Challenge #if this was a ‘kiddy pool’ I’d be laughing even more than I am right now :) #my gifs

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you can watch Chasing Life for free here and here

Youtube links 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Chasing Life is also available for purchase (season pass) on iTunes and amazon if you prefer this

Episode 11 will be a Christmas special and will air sometimes in December, 2014 and the rest of the season will air around January, 2015.

Have fun with your feels!


If your name is nancy and you get pregnant you will be pregnancy

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Two funny things

1. She has game. Like A LOT!!!

2. In the show he was literally the technology expert…

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Beautiful idiots 

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if i die before my favorite show ends then use an ouija board to keep me updated about what happens next

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